ALKORA was founded at the end of 1997. It was initially managed by a group of professionals, and within a short period of time became one of the Spanish leading Brokers, with an active presence in the most important industrial areas of Spain .

In the course of 2000, Alkora started negotiations with the French Broker VERSPIEREN Group. The negotiations concluded with a shareholding agreement, thus underlining ALKORA's international vocation.


ALKORA has full autonomy with regards to strategies, decisions and resources, and ranks amongst the leading independent brokers in the Spanish market.
Multi-specialist Insurance Broker for Industries, Personal Lines and Collectives, ALKORA offers the broadest possible range of options for risk analysis and placements in all lines of business.

Registration in the Register of the General Insurances Directorate with nš. J-285. Insurance of Professional Civil Responsibility and Financial ability according to Law in effect.
B.I.N. nš. A- 01051747. Mercantile Register of Madrid. Volume 18342, Book 0. Section 8th. Folio 103, Page N-318120, 2nd Entry.